Show Notes

Welcome to another compelling episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024. In this episode, we feature Brent Sutton and Josh Bryant, two thought leaders in the field of safety and operational excellence.

Brent Sutton, the founder of Learning Teams Inc., has made significant strides in improving health and safety outcomes through operational learning and the application of Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) principles. Known for his advocacy of doing safety "with people," Brent emphasizes the importance of involving frontline workers and organizations in learning and improving together. Brent is also a best-selling author, having written key safety books such as "The Practice of Learning Teams," "Learning from Everyday Work," and "4Ds for HOP and Learning Teams."

Josh Bryant, currently the General Manager of People, Risk, and Sustainability at Mitchell Services, brings extensive experience from working with some of the world’s largest global mining companies. At Mitchell Services, Josh and his team are recognized for their successful integration of contemporary safety principles into their operations, significantly enhancing the management of critical risks and improving the organization's ability to learn and enhance safety practices. Josh is also a co-author of "4D’s for HOP and Learning Teams" and co-hosts the Brisbane Safety Differently book club.

In their presentation, Brent and Josh discuss "Putting Critical Risk Management and HOP into Practice," exploring how to build and drive critical risk management that focuses on what truly matters. They delve into the use of the 4Ds framework, HOP principles, frontline insights, and operational learning to create effective and sustainable safety practices.

Join us as Brent and Josh share their expertise on how organizations can leverage critical risk management and HOP to achieve operational excellence and improve safety outcomes. This episode provides valuable insights and practical guidance for safety professionals looking to enhance their organization's safety culture and performance.

Tune in to Safety FM with Jay Allen for this informative and engaging discussion that highlights the power of collaboration, innovation, and practical application in the field of safety.