Today on The Jay Allen Show, Jay speaks with a child and discusses their feelings about going back to school during a pandemic. Hear it today on The Jay Allen Show.

Short episode because Jay is on vacay!

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[00:00:11] spk_0: Well, hello and welcome to another episode of the J Allen show. So as you are aware, if you've been listening to the radio station, I did discuss that. I would not be here this week as I was supposedly taking some level of vacation. So don't think that I was going to leave you high and dry in regards of not having some kind of content for you just in case. So I thought that this was a timely one for us to sit back and have a conversation especially with school about to start in some areas here in the U. S. And in some areas already started. I figured we would have a conversation today talking about what is important in regards of some of the things that kids are going through in regards of them going back to school. So sit back for a moment. Take a listen to this one is an awful, it's an awfully short podcast for sure. I want you to take a listen to it because I really think it's important. It's kind of where you can take a listen to what exactly is going on in Children's minds right now during this interesting times. Thank you for understanding of me being gone this week because I think that that's kind of important. We need to take some breaks from time to time. Don't worry, we'll be back with the normal radio show stuff and all that kind of stuff going next week. So don't worry about that. All the other 17 shows are still hanging out doing their thing. So don't worry about that. They didn't vanish. I'm the only one that's a kind of vantage with some of the writers. So anyways, that's what's going on. Anyways, thanks for taking a listen listen to this real quick and we'll go from there

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[00:01:44] spk_0: So, uh, this portion, I'm not sure here because I was telling you earlier that I'm on vacation as you know this week. So I'm not around. So I decided to do something because I felt that it was kind of timely, especially with us being kind of a couple of weeks away, depending on where you're located. In regards to talking about that home mass related to school related to the whole thing that school's about to start. And of course, there's still some ideas that are going around right now of what are some of the pain points that are going on inside of the world of schools. So what are some of the pain points of the students are going back that kind of been in lockdown the whole time. So I figured that I would ask my subject matter experts in regard to this stuff, in regards of what she was thinking, Especially now that going back to school is gonna be a kind of a big thing, so welcome in and of course now you heard the pressure. So what's going on here? So you haven't been to school and almost like a year?

[00:02:41] spk_1: Right?

[00:02:42] spk_0: So what are you thinking now that you're going back? Like what are some of the things that are coming to mind right away? What makes you and your friends anxious about going back into school?

[00:02:51] spk_1: I get nervous over anything, but I feel, but I feel like the main point is like we're all we're all already to get sick, but where else is so excited to see us all at the same time? So the one thing is like people are saying that we need to do certain things and certain protocols, but also at the same time, we don't, some schools aren't even telling us what we need to do yet, so we don't know what exactly is happening in the school. But also we don't know like there's no virtual option this year. So we don't know like if we have to go back into lockdown, if something happens or what what's just going to happen in general.

[00:03:30] spk_0: So after going a whole year with the lockdown methods, so that was essentially doing school virtually. You kind of had some limited interactivity with your teacher and your other students that were actually inside of the same classroom. How do you feel about now going to be there full time in person? And I'm only asking if I want to have a better understanding with it. I mean, of course as a parent and people that are adults that are not going through the day in and day out, we're going to think about it differently. But what what's coming to mind when you now that you hear that this is the only option at least in this state?

[00:04:02] spk_1: Well, um it's it's a lot to take in at one time because they're trying to say that some kids that didn't even go back to school last year and now they want to us to go back to school the whole year. So interactions are definitely gonna be different because even like when we went to school for testing, like none of the teachers recognized the kids or like just in general, like even if we had to go pick up something, like none of the teachers recognized anyone. But then also you have a giant campus, so you have to figure out your way around. And I know there's some programs where you can go see the campus and all that stuff, but it's still a big campus no matter like regards what school you're in.

[00:04:36] spk_0: So do you have any kind of fear when it comes to the whole thing about the interaction? Because here's the weird part and I believe me, I'm not saying people should get the vaccine or not get the vaccine, but now you're kind of doing the interaction where you have some kids that are vaccinated, some kids that are not vaccinated. That also plays a big portion of the age demo. And then in this state there are also given the option of doing uh, optional masking. So what are you thinking?

[00:05:00] spk_1: Well, it, I feel like it's gonna be safer for everyone wears a mask. But the one thing is people aren't going to go buy that as we know from, you know, the past year experience probably. And even though like last year it was required to wear a mask, some kids didn't because you could hear the teachers yelling at the kids. That was fun online. But um and then you can hear just like a whole bunch of different stuff but and then at lunch they're having like assigned seating, but there's only like two per table, but also now they're having us um like all of the kids, they're trying to have us separated but they're going to have all the kids from last year go into school that were virtual and there wasn't enough room to begin with, so I don't know what is going to happen.

[00:05:44] spk_0: So hold on back up real quick. You just said something about regards to the cafeteria, they're going to have two people per table at least at the assignment of the school that you're located at. Those are some pretty big tables. How is that going to work? Is that like everybody's timed out in regard to the frequency on when they can go in or is everybody going in as a

[00:05:59] spk_1: class? Well I know is so I think we all go in at one time because like the bell rings for like six during lunch. Then there's seventh grade lunch in eighth grade knowledge blah blah blah. But um there is this so they broke up the table so they only have like, so they have like half a table and then two kids sit there. It's not it's not very comfortable. It's bad honestly. Okay

[00:06:22] spk_0: so I mean but here's the whole thing. So when you start thinking about it, so you've been in virtual style school for a little over a year and now you're getting to go back to in person class format. So besides the whole Covid thing becoming a thing, or was the thing or still is the thing, however you want to take a look at it at the moment when you start thinking about having to go to in person school after kind of not being around people to an extent, like within your own age demo, not counting the people that are locked up with here. Um What are you thinking?

[00:06:55] spk_1: Well, it's going to be nervous. I feel like for everyone or it's going to be like, it's going to be anxious for everyone because we all like, it's hard because I feel like the age demo like some people didn't think that um like Covid was real and all this stuff and there was some people that said all this, but I think it's gonna be weird because we didn't have that interaction and now we're all coming back together and going to have that big interaction. So I think it's just going to be different things that's just going to happen, like there's gonna be some kids or I don't know, it's, it's kind of hard to explain if that makes sense.

[00:07:33] spk_0: So let me ask, just a strange question is I want to have a better understanding of kind of from your point of view when you're starting to take a look at this and you go, okay, I'm going back to school. So let's say, for instance, everything kind of hits the fan and they tell you lockdowns back in place, you're gonna have to go back to school, virtually. Hypothetically, of course, what's going through your mind if you hear something like that?

[00:07:58] spk_1: Honestly, I feel like that is going to happen, so I feel like that's going to be like a common thing that was hurt because last year the same thing happened and I think it's just gonna be like, oh well here this goes again and then we don't know how long we're gonna be locked in for and then it's probably gonna happen again after that if they had tried to bring us all back, so it's going to be a big thing.

[00:08:17] spk_0: So when you, so when you look at this now that are you looking at more of your excited about going through the whole process, are you looking at this is there's more anxiety when it comes to the whole thing,

[00:08:27] spk_1: like I'm excited, I get to see my friends again, but also at the same time it's very anxious because we are living in a world now where people can get sick very fast, like people could get very sick fast before. But this thing is you you have to get tested and all this stuff before you know if you have it or not and it's just going to be a big thing and then last year one of my teachers actually got I guess almost too close to a kid. So then they had to be quarantined for that.

[00:08:54] spk_0: Hold on, the kid had to be quarantined for the teacher to be quarantined.

[00:08:57] spk_1: The teacher had to be quarantined before she knows she was negative or positive.

[00:09:01] spk_0: Whoa how did, hold on so she got too close to him. What do you mean

[00:09:04] spk_1: like a kid or like someone that was carrying it?

[00:09:07] spk_0: Okay, got it. So there's a little bit more to that. Okay, so the kid actually had it so then they had to find out if the teacher actually had it as well.

[00:09:14] spk_1: Yeah,

[00:09:14] spk_0: Well, so I mean, and so here's the thing, I mean, I wanted to sit down and talk to you because as you know, you're gonna be able to describe this better than I do because I stay locked up by myself almost all the time. Um, so that's it. I mean, that's what I wanted and I wanted to share it with the people out there for them to understand a kid's point of view and exactly what's going on. So thanks for coming on for this.

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[00:09:36] spk_0: No, don't say anything at all. Well,

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